░ New York-based writer, designer, teacher, entrepreneur
░ Co-founder of Pure Cure Denture Detox, a biocompatible denture services company
░ Front-end web designer/developer and content strategist at DesignStrategist.co
░ Founding editor of New Worker Magazine
░ UC Berkeley graduate, summa cum laude, in Rhetoric and
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
░ Teacher certification from University of Cambridge and state of Texas


I have a warm laugh, an unflagging sense of humor and a friendly disposition. More than anything, I'm motivated by meaning and enjoy wholly diving into things that matter. I am always open to new opportunities and love to help problem-solve. Please feel free to contact me.



Pure Cure Denture Detox is the originator of the concept and process of removing toxins and allergens from resin-based dentures. Our line of biocompatible denture services enables dentists to provide patients with safer, healthier dentures. I was privy to a little-known health problem in the industry and used that knowledge to research and develop a market solution.

In my role as co-founder, I am responsible for:

• Product development
• Research and presentation of scientific findings
• Creation of all written content and promotional materials
• Development and maintenance of company website
• Strategic planning
• Marketing
• Sales
• Business development

Visit http://purecuredenturedetox.com

I've been doing freelance front-end web design and development for a few years and I continue because I enjoy it so much. I recently founded DesignStrategist.co with a friend, which is the new name under which I perform web design/development, content writing, and content strategy work.

In my client-focused role, I am responsible for:

• Working with creative professionals and small companies to articulate their value proposition
• Developing a consistent brand identity
• Performing content inventory/auditing and developing content strategy
• Writing new content and/or editing existing content
• Front-end design and development using HTML5/CSS3, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite including PhotoShop, etc.

Visit http://designstrategist.co

New project! I am the founding editor of New Worker magazine, a digital publication for and by coworkers, soon to launch in Spring 2014.

I've visited 400+ cities in 25+ countries and have traveled through most of the US either for fun or on speaking tours. I've lived and worked in seven US states and four countries. I have a brief travel photography portfolio here: http://melissamesku.com/photography/slideshow.html

I'm an active supporter of social/environmental causes and have worked with and cofounded a number of organizations over the last decade. For Rainforest Foundation, I raised thousands of dollars by combining crowdfunding with donation matching. I sourced donors to double supporters' donations and then put it to the crowdfunding community to test it out. Visit the CrowdRise fundraiser page here: http://www.crowdrise.com/doublerainforest

I love the coworking space I work from and am a big fan of the coworking movement and the collaboration that can arise from it. I recently represented New York coworkers in a live webinar series put on by Open Coworking and was a co-host for an event put on by Coworking Community NYC. Watch the video here: Coworking Core Values Talks #1: Collaboration. And, as mentioned above, I am also the founding editor of New Worker magazine, a digital publication for and by coworkers.

I participated in StartupBusNYC this year, a whirlwind trip where 30 people "build a startup from scratch at 60 miles per hour" on the bus heading to South By Southwest Interactive in Austin, TX. On the trip, I started a company with 5 excellent new friends, focusing on an issue that's near and dear to my heart: data awareness and enabling people to take ownership of their personal information from across the internet. Check out Datalize.me. Along the way I inadvertently became an impromptu evangelist for Elance, video here. More to come...