I'm a software engineer and essayist.

Formerly a public high school teacher, I had a ten year career in international education. I have a teaching certificate from Cambridge and graduated magna cum laude from UC Berkeley with a degree in Rhetoric (what?) and in natural resource conservation.

I have lived and worked in 4 countries and 7 states, and have traveled extensively across the U.S. and 25+ other countries.

I cofounded New Worker Magazine, Design Strategist, and Pure Cure Technology. Currently, I'm based in New York where I'm a contributing editor at Platypus Press UK, with a weekly column at Wildness.

My latest project is ➰➰➰.


I've appeared on CBS This Morning and in Business Insider, MarketWatch, USA Today, Levo and AM New York. I've been interviewed by Social Workplaces, Shareable, Deskmag, Coworking Europe, NY Tech and on podcasts The Naked Freelancer, QNY News and Curious World. My most recent work interview was April 2018 in Share Desk's Future of Work series.

My writing has been reviewed in The Rumpus, Wildness, and The Review Review. My most recent literary interview was in the Summer 2018 issue of print magazine Carve.

In 2015, I appeared in a feature on first-generation college graduates, in women's print magazine More. In 2016, I was profiled in the book The New Better Off: Reinventing The American Dream by Courtney Martin, and I appear as one of the 52 people in the forthcoming book Habits and Attitudes: 52 Profiles of Amazing Individuals.

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